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Since I am unable to write anything on my blog on the Zombie Farm Wiki, I will rant here instead where I am luckily still an administrator and not blocked.

Firstly, Teams820 just blocked me not that long ago. What was the motive behind the blocking (expiring in 2080)? Excellent question. Here are some possible reasons:

  • I recreated the 'poll results' page. Teams820 deleted it for some reason so I retrieved it back. Why did Teams820 delete it initially? No idea. By retrieving it from deletion, I was banned. Why?
  • I created a Zombie Farm 2 page. This obviously angered Teams820 so much so that he deleted it and banned me from the ZF Wiki and I lost my rights as admin.
  • I fixed some Random Trivia on the wiki. He reverted my edits. I particularly fixed the trivia about the 'Hall of Banners Achievement' by saying that you could also get the achievement without the Circus Banner.

My fellow colleague, Brendan the Bomb Bird, was also blocked for unknown reasons.

I fail to see the logic and reason behind being banned. Teams820 if you are reading this, please let me know what I have done wrong which lead to me being banned.

I was not given warning for being banned. Even if I did something wrong, one week should cut it, instead of 68 years.

Sam Wang, one of the original administrators obviously trusted me enough to put me as administrator to replace him when he left.

I'm sorry if this page upset some people. I'm sorry if I sound arrogant for using my rights as admin in this site to rant on about a disputed banning of a particular individual. Me.


Zombie Farm Answers Administrator

Former Adminstrator on the Zombie Farm Wiki. Now banned for unknown reasons.

Brendan The Bomb Bird: Staff will not listen to me and have not helped me with this situation. My last choice is to contact Sam Wang or I will give up and return in 29 years or wait until Teams820 is inactive for 60 days and put an adoption request. Bomb

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