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A hook name keeps poping up whyAre epic boss fights still available 13th January 2013Blank hook name
Blow can I delete zombie farmCan you make the fence turn sideways on zombie farmCan you rename your zombies
Change account nameComo puedo solucionar el problema con el medidor de hambre en una invasionCompleted a quest, but still says I didn't
Daily brain giftDefeat video gamesDefeat video games'
Delete zombie farm2, and want it backDo zombies whitherDoes the android based game have the same features i am not seeing day/night, achievements, etc.
Does the farmer teleport when you go through the wormholeDoes the ponie move around with the farmerEASE96 BLOCKED
Epic boss fightEvery thing is the same , not new boss or new items , why It's getting boring !!📞Flurryappcircle keeps popping up.. Can't play game. The only choice is cancel and everytime I hit it, it just pops back up.
Glitches to get brainsHat do you do to get your zombie farm back when changesHook name is blank I don't get it. Both farms keep popping up with this message! What up
How Do I Change my usernameHow are some people advance levels so quicklyHow can i play the Event about Epic Zombies
How can you change your username on zombie farm 2How can you take easily brainsHow can you take easily zombies
How do I create a usernameHow do I exit ZF2How do I get brown barrel s for my quest
How do I take a pet out of storageHow do I take pets out of storageHow do i login
How do i login without my passwordHow do i pull out a pet from storageHow do i take pets out of storage
How do i take things out of my storageHow do u get mr wigglesHow do you beat the robots
How do you beat the zombie vs aliens at level 38How do you buy plow land backHow do you change your username
How do you delete worm holeHow do you get a barrel for my questHow do you get mr.wigles after you get zombies life
How do you kill the robotsHow do you rotate a fenceHow exactly did I get a Red Cupid Zombie
How long has zombie frm exsitedHow many brains does the silver ground costHow many brains dose a silver grave cost
How many golden dice does it take to get Poppy's houseHow much does Snowy Ground costHow much is silver grave
How much is the silver grave in zombie farm 2How much is the silver gravestoneHow much is the silver gravestone in zombie farm two
How ot get morp petHow to change the ground to 'grassy' type again Still no ground purchase.How to change username
How to change your usernameHow to contact Playforge SupportHow to create a non blank string hook name
How to create a zomvikingHow to create imp zombieHow to delete existing farm
How to delete the worm holeHow to delete wormholeHow to earn mr wiggles
How to get a morp pet on zombiefarm 2How to get a whormholeHow to get a wormhole
How to get more brainsHow to get morpHow to get mr.wiggles on zombie farm 2
How to get mr .wigglesHow to get mr wigglesHow to get mr worm
How to get poppy backHow to get rid of wormholeHow to get the farmer on zombie life
How to get the more pet on zombiefarm 2How to get the omega zombie botHow to get the wormhole
How to get things out of storageHow to get worm hole aHow to get worm holes
How to get wormholeHow to grow a zomvikingHow to invade Dr. Groundhog
How to make a zombotonistHow to move white fencesHow to place wormholes
How to plant hedges sidewaysHow to rotate a fenceHow to sell worm holes
How to sell wormholes I can't get mine to move and I want to delete themHow to sign in to previous accountHow to talk to the farmer
How to unlockHow to use the extras in the marketplaceHow to use the zombie pot
How we can migrare back our account to zombie farm1I am allowed 16 zombies on my farm but noticed a neighbour has 20, whyI can not get the worm holes to move to a different placement. How can I move them
I cannot access the social button. It appears grayed out then disappears.I competed a quest, (3 circus flags), but it says I didntI desire a wormhole!!!!
I dont have any i things what can i do my paren ts wont let me buy any i thingsI found a pink grave, is there Pink zombiesI have been locked out of zombie farm 2 since wendesday, i get hauling goods and then it goes back to app icon. please advise
I have finished a quest but does not say i have and i dont have a playforge username or id, what can i doI have to buy white fences but they arent in the market, where do i get themI updated my game now I can not play it
I want to buy some brains, but my password doesn't work, but works on the Mac in itunes, what's wrongIf you delete a banner can you get againIs it necessary to have internet connection to take pictures with the camera on Zombie Farm 2 (I don't have WiFi connection and have brought camera (10 brains) but it wont let me take picture unless I am connected to internet.
Is it worth the risk upgrading from Zombie Farm to Zombie Farm 2Is there Zombie Farm for computer or DSIs there a way to get brains besides winning them in invasions and the daily wheel and paying for them
Is there a way to thank the people that help on Zombie Farm Wiki :DIs there any awesome things on zombie farmMr wiggles is missing
My ads won't work in zombie farm 2 :(My farm has deleted itselfMy farm has deleted itself what do I do
My regular brown barrel somehow turned into a silver/grey one HowMy zombie farm 2 got deleted how can I get it back levei35No social button
On ZF2, once you have purchased the silver grave, are there any other upcoming important items to save up brains to purchaseOn my iphone my son and i have farms know we go to items from market and the game shuts off how do we fix thisPlease update the news. Latest news I put in got deleted in an edit
Product not foundPulling out pets from storagePut wormhole in storage
Silver grave costSome of my quests are not recording, for example I have 4grave stones but none recoSome people have Mr. Wiggles on their farm, I don't see it in the market, where do you buy it
Some zombie farm hints/tipsThe storage freezes when you go to get something outThere is a problem on this wiki. Every time I click on one of the seasonal enemies for the guide, it shows the enemy above. ( example: when I click on the Dairy King, it shows Zombies vs. Pirates instead ) What can I do about this problem
Were in the market is the wormholesWere to find brown barrelsWhat's the point in invading
What 2 zombie's to combine to get a ZombeeWhat are silver zombiesWhat are the best ways of getting brains quick in zombie farm 2
What are the silver zombiesWhat do I combine to get an imp zombieWhat do the small symbols above zombies heads do
What do the wormholes doWhat does a t-rex doWhat does worm holes do in zombie farm
What if you forget your username on zombie farm 2What is a ZombotWhat is a blank hook name
What is a hook nameWhat is a hooknameWhat is a zombie pad
What is the best farmerWhat is the easiest way to get brainsWhat is the red time machine and how does it work
What is the silver gravestone forWhat is wormhole, I never put it on my computer, do I delete it, if so howWhen I go onto zombie farm this thing that says I need s blank hook name or something pops up. What up
When i open zf2, all the buttons are there, but the farm and zombies arne'tWhen was Zombie Farm createdWhere did my zombie go, I just invaded and now it's gone!
Where do the worm wholes take youWhere do you buy a barrelWhere do you buy a fence and fence gate
Where does the farmer go when he goes threw a wormholeWhere does the farmer teleport toWhere dose a worm hole take u
Where is the wormhole in the marketWhich is the best farmer ( the one that cost 15 brains)Why are the graphics on the Zombie Farm 2 so blurredj
Why can't I play zombie farmWhy can't I take items out of my storageWhy can't I take things out of my storage
Why can't I visit my neighborWhy do I have two of the same petWhy do I need a hook name
Why does my game always freeze when I try to take something out of storage on zombie farm 2Why does the hook name keep poping upWhy is someone else's online game showing onto phone
Why is the thing that comes up when you finish a level in Zombie Farm 2 not closingWhy won't it let me get stuff out of storageZ if you forget your password
Zombie farm 2 got deleted level 35 how to get it backZombie pot combinations

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